Faith Bible Church is a community of "imperfect" people committed to an environment that brings others into a real, vibrant relationship with the God of the universe through Jesus Christ.

Our Mission is simple, yet powerful: Helping others connect with the True and Living God through Worship, helping them Grow in a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and making a difference by Serving our world around us.

Faith is determined to communicate effectively God’s message of truth to a culture in desperate need of hope. God's truth never changes and is just as relevant in guiding us in our everyday lives today as the day it was written. It is our desire to focus our energy and resources to effectively present a relevant message to our needy world.

No one here is perfect. What you see is what you get. We don’t have our act together. We are inconsistent in our daily living. And that's simple reality. Some may think they have it all together, but that’s why we need a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s God’s idea of restoring humanity back to himself.

We can’t do it all. Our world screams with complexity, and we are casualties of a culture that demands busyness. As a result, we are tempted to approach God like we approach life: as consumers in search of a quick fix. Our goal at Faith is to design our ministry environments to help you gain an authentic walk with God.

We were created to be relational. Our desire is to provide ministry environments that are designed to move us toward authentic relationships with our God and with others. It’s within the context of these relationships that we begin to discover who we are, to heal from our pasts, to grow into our futures, and to extend beyond ourselves to our community and world.

As those created in God’s image, our generosity toward others is ultimately an outward reflection of our inward connection to God. Serving others directs our attention to the heart of Christ and deepens our intimacy with Him. Whether through time, energy, resources, or talents, our desire is that Faith be known as a generous people.

Faith Bible is designed around the truth of the Bible. The Bible stands as the supreme source of truth for daily living. God has spoken through the Bible, and it reveals Jesus as the way, the truth and the life. In all our environments, the Bible is presented as living, active and able to transform lives.

God has called His Church to believe things we cannot see, become things we are not, and accomplish works that are beyond our abilities. Therefore, it is our desire that we be equipped to pursue the mission of Jesus with courage and boldness. It is God's will that we not be afraid to get out of our comfort zones and radically pursue God’s calling in our lives.