Prayer Requests

No matter your faith tradition, prayer is the universal way to worship, honor and make requests to our God. One form of prayer, intercession, is the way we encourage and lift up others and their needs to God.

This prayer wall is a place for you to share your prayer requests with our Faith community. Please submit your request so we can pray with you. A good habit may be to come back to this wall daily and pray for others.

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Seth McAdams

Please pray for great wisdom, guidance and absolute godliness for me in the area of relationships. I might be starting a relationship, I don’t know; it’s just starting. I’m almost 32, an undergrad in a Christian college (using the GI bill), and she’s also an undergrad. I want to be very wise in this, and in the direction. If she’s the right person for me in God’s eyes, I want this to develop slowly, in a healthy way. If not, then I want to know early. Please pray for wisdom for both of us. Pray that God will speak to both of us clearly, and lead and guide both of us in this. Pray for His will to be done. Pray that God will be moving both of us to pray consistently over this, and that He will guide our prayers. Thanks.

Received: October 29, 2016